A story of two web browsers

I had been using Mozilla Firefox for the past 3 or 4 years, and i loved it. It incomparably customizable with so many addons and plugins. It had weather forecast, news, music manager, an IE rendering engine as an alternative to IE, a .pdf opener, ad-blocker, and a whole lot more of addons which were soon replacing my other third party softwares. But a few weeks ago, i was finding the browser becoming increasingly unstable and crashing often. It used up a lot of memory and took a long time to load up. On my Windows 7, i found it totally unusable and soon had to replace it with Google Chrome. Then i found the same problem when i switched to Windows XP (which is on dual-boot) and got frustrated. I again replaced Firefox with Chrome as my default web browser in that OS too. I seriously suspected some corruption or infection in the installed files or some wrongly selected setting which caused the web browser to crash and hang so frequently and decided to reinstall it later. Then, the next day when i spoke about this to my friends, most of them complained of the same problem. I realised that it was not only my problem, but of everyone as a whole. From that day, i have never opened Firefox and only use Google Chrome. It is not as customizable as Firefox but it gets the job done. Now i do not expect my web browser to do anything but surf the web and download files if needed. Chrome is fast to load, stable, good looking and loads web pages as fast as Firefox but i feel it lacks something i cannot express in words. There are addons available but not in numbers as huge as that for Firefox. In Firefox addons, you have an addon for pretty much anything you want but that is not the case for Chrome. There are a limited number of addons which have limited functionality.
Share your browser experiences here and tell us which browser you prefer.

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